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Proactive Solutions and its team has over eight years experience in Oil and Gas industry in Tanzania. Through working with local people and International companies we have gathered a treasure of knowledge on how to gauge the expectation of local local staff, community and those of the international oil and gas companies.

We have data base of all the potential employees with necessary qualifications to work in the Oil and Gas industry and whenever necessary we send them for prequalification training to acquire the needed skill. We are part of the local communities, all the families and their history and the whole town and its families know us.

We have good working relationship with village and government leaders and its agencies.

We have run extensive corporate social responsibility programs for our self and on behalf of our clients. When you choose us you choose experience and direct connection to local people.

In summary below is the reason why you should consider us
1. We are specialized on people–HR in all its facets is our core business.
2. We believe in non-litigation: we work to resolve all disputes amicably.
3. We are specialized on oil and gas industry: “on and off-shore”.
4. We are a highly professional company following strong QHSE policies.
5. We have experience in running extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.
6. We are experts on the local context of Tanzania in general and the south in particular.
7. We have are a part of net work of world leading supply company in the area of specialised training though our associate with SMTC GLOBAL (http://www.smtcglobal.com) of DUBAI for BOSIET/HUET OPITO APPROVED COURSES a recognised and mandatory course to undergo before allowed to work in the offshore oil and gas installation.

8. We supply quality food products marine offshore spare parts and safety equipments which meet international standards though as local representative of EMS ship supply of Spain an ISO certified global supply company.

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Our Projects

Proactive Solutions is busier than ever! Among our various clients we are seeing a continued growth of the more than 70 Tanzanian workers in the Mtwara port and many more

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  • Artumas Group
  • Baker Hughes
  • Venture Risk Management
  • BG Group
  • Eitzen Chemical

Proactive Solutions

Proactive Solutions Tanzania Limited
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