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In 2005-2008 Nestory Phoye the Managing Director of Proactive Solutions was the Human Resource Director for ESS, and later for Remote Site Solution on Artumas Mnazibay Oil &Gas exploration which later on Mtwara energy Project. During the tenure Nestory was instrumental for Human resources management and consultant for RSS (70 employees) and other project subcontractors.

He consulted with Nabors drilling International rig 221,(50 + employee)AG&P Gas (120 +) employees), BJ Services (10 employees), Geokinetics (300+ employees) etc etc. Along with this Nestory was the Assistant Camp boss, in a camp of 200+ manday providing accomodation and Catering services for all project personnel and drilling rig.

Nestory moved out to Proactive Solutions in 2008 while continuing doing the same jobs for the same project from 2008-2010 now as a Project Manager.

It is with great pleasure that at this time the Human Resources in Tanzania oil and Gas industry was still in its rudimentary stage and therefore it was a big challenge to get experienced local personnel. So we initiated a training in job programmes to help local people get job and the same time acquire experiences.

In 2010 Ophir Energy started its offshore explorations phase and Proactive Solutions was tasked to provide local staff to man Mtwara Supply base to support offshore Oil & Gas exploration project. With prior experiences in similar projects Proactive Solutions supported the project with more than 60 local personnel with Regent Tanzania at Mtwara Port Supply Base.

In 2011 British Gas also came in for further offshore oil & Gas exploration project and also Proactive Solutions was again trusted to carry on the same tasks as above with more than 80 local personnel at Mtwara Supply Base with Regent Tanzania supporting the offshore oil & gas explorations. Along with that we ventured with international ship chandlier companies to support offshore foods and hardware supplies and at the moment we are supporting EMS Ship Supply to support East Africa offshore industry with foods and hardware.

In all this years other international and local companies requested and was supported with the same services to help them build local capacities.

Baker Hughes at Mtwara Mud plant is a classic examples where our personnel worked on Mud Plant operations.When Baker Hughes moved out of Mud plant, Halliburton took over with our mud plant crew. Odfjell Drilling through its Deep Sea Metro 1 offshore Mtwara drilling joined in recently where we have 8 local roustabout supporting them at the rig.

Currently we are busy with supporting Regent Tanzania on Mtwara port supply base and many other companies including Odfjell Drilling, SDV and many more in the pipeline.
Proactive Solutions has embarked on combining local and international workforce to create local conducive environment for Oil & Gas players to operate effectively and efficiently with local population support.

All projects we have been involved in has been successful and probably that is why we are the only local trusted company in Tanzania Oil & Gas industry.

Karibu sana.

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Proactive Solutions is busier than ever! Among our various clients we are seeing a continued growth of the more than 70 Tanzanian workers in the Mtwara port and many more

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